Tuesday, 9 May 2017

140 Tonnes from Kilnhurst to Immingham

With 140 Tonnes of deaerator vessel destined for Immingham Dock, South Yorkshire’s Charles Thompson Ltd appointed Collett & Sons to facilitate the route planning, transport and port agency services for the cumbersome 28m long cargo.

140 Tonne Vessel from Kilnhurst to Immingham

Due to the size of the loaded vehicle our Team completed several Route Access Surveys studying in detail each section of the route to highlight any modifications which may be required.  Although the convoy would utilise a high load route for part of the journey the smaller roads and villages required close attention to ensure the loaded vehicle could safely navigate the topography.  Alongside the Route Access Surveys several Swept Path Analysis exercises provided a further insight into the suitability of the route and the environmental factors which may impede the project.

This meticulous planning identified extensive street furniture modifications and removals which would be required to ensure that the 28.3m (L) x 5.64m (W) x 5.65m (H) cargo could safely navigate the 112 mile route from factory to portside.   This included the removal of gates, sign posts, traffic lights and bollards, the ramping of curbs and the partial surfacing of a roundabout.  Tree pruning would also be an essential part of the preliminary preparations ahead of the transport project taking place with numerous sections pre-trimmed to a height of 6.8m to ensure the loaded vehicle could pass unimpeded.

With the street furniture removed and the foliage trimmed the next challenge would be the power cables along the route.  The 6.7m loaded height of the vehicle would not be able to safely pass under each cable and as a result Western Power, National Grid and Northern Power Grid agreed that during the transport there would be ten separate power outages in place.

With all the extensive modifications to the route completed and the Special Order (BE16) permit in place Collett mobilised the Team and headed to Charles Thompson’s Kilnhurst manufacturing facility to begin the project.

Arriving on a Friday with a 4 axle ballast tractor and a modular drawbar 16 axle trailer complete with power boost module Collett utilised Charles Thompson’s Mega Lift System to load the 140 Tonne vessel. Having devised detailed transport drawings and lashing plans, our Team secured the vessel to the modular trailer ready for onward transportation.  At 7:30am the following morning accompanied by South Yorkshire Police, cable lifting teams, tree trimming teams and a photographer we began our journey.

Heavy Haulage of 140 Tonne Vessel

The first stage of the project took us from the manufacturing facility in Kilnhurst through to Newark where a Temporary Traffic Restriction Order had been implemented to allow the loaded combination to utilise the A46 Northbound Brough layby as a stopover.  Although pre-trimming work had already been undertaken, three tree teams headed the convoy across Rotherham, Doncaster and Nottinghamshire to ensure that no foliage would impede the vehicle as it made its way along the route.  Coupled with this, four cable lifting engineers accompanied the load to manually raise any obstructing wires whilst the hydraulic suspension of the trailer allowed for the lowering of the trailer bed if required. 

Throughout the day the convoy safely navigated the towns and villages of South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, drawing attention from residents before safely arriving at the appointed A46 layby later that afternoon.

As Sunday morning arrived the convoy began the second stage of the journey under escort by Lincolnshire Police and, once again, accompanied by tree and cable teams.  As identified in the Route Access Surveys, on leaving the A46 layby the 6.7m high loaded vehicle immediately faced a 6.5m high bridge.  In order to safely clear the structure our Team employed the trailers hydraulic capabilities to lower the suspension.  With the trailer at its minimum this effectively lowered the height of the cargo to 6.4m allowing the combination to be driven at walking pace underneath the bridge.  Once clear of the structure the hydraulics on the trailer were raised to their original height and the convoy continued on utilising the opposite side of the carriageway and employing contraflow manoeuvres on several occasions before arriving later that day at the Port of Immingham.

With the awaiting vessel already at the Port, on Tuesday morning Collett utilised the Power Boost Module to manoeuvre the trailer and position the cargo alongside the ship.  Loading directly from the trailer, the heavy lift vessel’s two integral cranes safely transferred the 140Te deaerator vessel from the trailer to the hold of the ship for onward shipment to final destination.

Monday, 3 April 2017

European Hauliers Form the Route To Space Alliance

Five highly established hauliers from across Europe have joined together to offer a bespoke transport and logistics service specifically tailored to the aerospace, astrospace and research laboratory industries.

European Hauliers Form the Route To Space Alliance

French company Chabrillac, UK based Collett & Sons, Switzerland’s Friderici Spécial and German companies Hermann Paule and WeiLa Transport have united to form the Route To Space Alliance.

The Alliance, which headquarters in Toulouse, offers the collective experience, knowledge and skills of all five members providing a complete transport service for highly sensitive, unique and irreplaceable items.  All five hauliers are family firms recognised for their reliability, and possess years of experience in transporting high technology products and abnormal loads.

Speaking on the birth of the Alliance, President and Managing Director of Chabrillac, Jérôme Pasdeloup states, “Our clients consider us as a very reliable transport company with strong commitments and schedules, perfectly adapted to their needs and with local facilities. From offering this service to our European clients across France we identified an opportunity to offer these specialist services at a European level.”

Born out of a desire to provide a dedicated logistics service for sensitive, delicate and highly valuable cargoes, the collaboration of these five companies delivers a bespoke service for the high technology industries.

“Firstly discussing with our German partners, then with a Swiss and an English partner, who are all highly experienced in the specialist logistics sector, the Route To Space Alliance became a reality.” Jérôme continues,“By forming this Alliance we have successfully brought together our years of experience, our companies’ skill, facilities and knowledge, allowing us to offer a dedicated service for specialist cargoes across Europe.”

The Route To Space Alliance is represented across 13 sites in four countries and features 185.000mof depot space, 45.050mof warehousing, over 500 employees and over 700 specialist vehicles, trailers and SPMTs.

Friday, 31 March 2017

115 Miles with Three Skid Units

With three skid units each weighing in at 47Tonnes, 19Tonnes and 16Tonnes, Collett we’re appointed by Maloney Metalcraft to provide transport solutions for all three cargoes.

115 Miles with Three Skid Units

Originating at Whiteley Read Engineering, each of the cargoes would be required to travel 115 miles to the Port of Immingham for onward transportation. With the smallest of the loads measuring 4.65m in height and the largest 5.2m, significant planning had to be undertaken ahead of the move to ensure that each of the loads would safely make the journey unimpeded.

Our Project’s Team began with a visual route inspection, travelling the proposed route and gathering picture evidence of any sections which may obstruct the movement of the load. This included traffic lights, street signage, bollards, lampposts and railings which would have to be removed or altered ahead of the project taking place. Our Team also highlighted numerous overhead wires which, due to the overall loaded heights of each vehicle, would either have to be removed or lifted to allow for safe passage.

After liaising with Rotherham County Council, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and North East Lincolnshire Council a plan was in place to remove the street furniture which could prove problematic for the loaded vehicles.  After discussions with BT Open Reach (33 cables alone were repositioned higher in the Rawmarsh Hill area of Rotherham) and Northern Power Grid it was agreed that the convoy would travel with cable lifting teams to raise any overhead lines as and where identified. Coupled with this our Team also employed the hydraulic capabilities of the trailers, lowering the deck height and allowing for the load to safely clear each of the raised cables along the route. The final addition to the convoy came in the form of a tree team. Although pre-pruning had been completed ahead of the move to a height of 5.63m, a Team would also be in attendance for part of the route to ‘spot trim’ and remove any foliage which could potentially inhibit the movement of the cargo

With all the preliminary work completed and under Police Escort the convoy began its 115 mile journey from Rotherham to Immingham. Utilising a 3 axle modular trailer with extendable beams, a 5 axle extendable stepframe and the newly acquired Faymonville 2 axle megaMAX each of the loads made the journey from manufacturing point to portside. Over three days our Teams navigated the streets of Rotherham, Doncaster and Ollerton before arriving at Newark-on-Trent and joining the dedicated high loads route towards Immingham, with car AND motorcycle Police Officers from Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Humberside , Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire constabularies escorting across all three days!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Collett Named as the Heavies Operator of the Year!

We had another fantastic night at the Heavies Awards, and we were delighted to be presented with the Operator of the Year Award!
  Collett Shortlisted for the Heavies 2017
On announcing the winner, "The Operator of the Year has consistently raised the bar for the UK abnormal loads industry. Recent developments include expanding its Centre for Excellence, collaborating with a University to develop a bespoke computer system, and fund-raising for local charities." Managing Director David Collett took to the stage to collect the award, our second ‘Operator of the Year’ award inside 3 years!

The Heavies recognises and rewards industry excellence, innovation, outstanding service, efficiency and quality.  To win or to be shortlisted shows that you have achieved the very highest standard, as judged by an independent panel of industry experts.

In the words of the Judges: "A very clear picture of an extremely professional, highly competent and innovative specialist heavy hauler. The company has responded well to changes in wind farm design, investing in equipment capable of handling longer (˃ 80m) turbine blades. Collett are a top-flight specialist operator committed to constant improvement, raising its standards, (not least through training and FORS accreditation) safety, as per its Achilles audit results, and tackling the most challenging of jobs. For me Collett & Sons Ltd is the obvious winner".

Another fantastic accolade to add to our growing cabinet of awards!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Faymonville Additions to the Fleet

We’ve added two new Faymonville trailers to our fleet, one 2 axle MegaMAX and one 3 axle MultiMAX.

Firstly the 2 axle MegaMAX semi-trailer with extremely low transport deck. Due to its super low loading height this provides the ideal solution for transporting tall loads or skid loading industrial parts or machines directly from the floor. Furthermore, designed as a short wheel base trailer with the hydraulic stub axles allowing the steering angle to be altered up to 45° permits access to tight areas and hard to get to sites. In its closed state the trailer bed is 6.65m short but can be extended to 12.20m long to accommodate lengthy cargoes whilst maintaining optimum manoeuvrability. This trailer has a light tare weight which offers an amazing 40 Tonne carrying capacity.

The 3 axle MultiMAX covers an extensive range of transport requirements. The trailer is a stepframe construction being 13.5 meters long when in its closed state but is double extendable to a length of 27.0 meters. It is perfect for construction machinery, wind turbine components, industrial parts, rail vehicles and lengthy cargoes. With a technical carrying capacity of up to 52 Tonnes, and featuring hydraulic axles and knuckle steering, the MultiMAX provides optimum manoeuvring characteristics providing an economic and flexible option for a multitude of different transport requirements.

Both trailers are already hard at work across the company on a variety of transport projects, make sure you keep an eye out for them!

Faymonville Additions to the Fleet

Friday, 17 March 2017

Collett Shortlisted for 2017 ESTA Award!

The shortlist has been announced for the European Association of Abnormal Loads and Mobile Cranes annual industry awards and Collett are honoured to be finalists in the Transport Job of the Year, Trailer and Load over 120T GCW category.

The annual ESTA Awards of Excellence has developed into the most prestigious European event for all ESTA members, affiliated companies, end users and manufacturers working in heavy haulage, transport and the lifting industry. Cranes covered include wheeled mobiles, crawlers, knuckle boom loader cranes, other truck cranes and truck mounted access platforms.

The annual ESTA Users Night Awards evening will this year be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the prestigious Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. As in previous years, the jury’s results for the ESTA Awards will be announced and the awards presented to the winners in the various categories.  We're delighted to be amongst the finalists for 2017, let's hope we return home this year with another addition to the Collett awards cabinet!

Training4Transport Now Offer Van Smart Training

New to our training programme for 2017! Designed to reduce work relates road risks and improve safety standards, Van Smart is a Transport for London (TfL) backed driver training programme.

Van Smart Training Courses

In London, vans account for 80% of all road freight mileage. 10% of road traffic incidents involve a van and 11% of these result in serious injury or fatality. The Van Smart training course not only aims to improve these safety standards but create a long-term behavioural change in the van sector.

The course consists of one 3.5hr theory module and one 3.5hr on-cycle practical module. The aim of the theory module is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to become safer, diligent, more efficient and professional drivers. The practical module provides instruction to professional drivers to improve their awareness of vulnerable road users, using cycles on the public roads.

Course Content

  • Knowledge, skills and tools to plan and prepare for driving
  • Knowledge, skills and tools to carry out your job diligently, safely, responsibly and with consideration for others
  • Familiarise van drivers to the issues a vulnerable road user may face on public roads (on-cycle practical module)

The Van Smart driver training programme is endorsed by the DVSA, meets the mandatory Vulnerable Road User driver training requirements of CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety), FORS Silver and TfL’s WRRR (Work Related Road Risks).